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An Introduction to

 CODEX: A Left-Handed Art Teachers Visual Memoir and Legacy

Hi, I’m Greg Stanforth and I want to be your new Art Teacher. The first thing I want to say is welcome to the world of art. You may not yet think of yourself as a real artist but if you dream about becoming a profession artist, designer, architect or photographer, if you want to go to Art College, get accepted and be competitive for a scholarship, you need to watch my videos. In my almost 40 year career of  teaching Studio Art, Art History and Photography from Kindergarten through College, as an Admissions Rep, Art School Trustee and adjunct professor I gained the experience necessary to help you achieve the goal of pursuing a career in the visual arts.

In the process of creating a Video for my as yet Unpublished Book called CODEX: A Left-Handed Art Teachers Memoir and Legacy, which was written for art teachers, I realized I had chosen the wrong audience.  I shouldn’t be talking to art teachers but rather to you, the young artist.  If you are a High School student or a young person out of High School and you like art sketching, drawing, painting, designing things, then this series of videos is for you.


And I want to share with you all I’ve learned in those forty years of teaching young artists just like you.


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