The Resume

The resume is a great tool to impress colleges with your organization, preparation and confidence.  Hand one of these every time you meet an admissions rep. 

I require one from any student who wants me to write a letter of recommendation.  I expect it at least two weeks before you need to have it sent or for me to fill out the common application.  This way I know everything about you beyond our common classroom experience and your transcript.


College Application and Scholarship Information Notebook

Complete a two page typed document for each of at least ten (10) schools your are considering for application and place it in a well organized folder/binder then present this to your parents.  You will save yourself, your teachers/guidance counselors, and parents a great deal of time and headache by making this the first assignment of your senior year.  Complete the following:


1.  The name and address of the School

2.  The phone number of the school to include the admissions department 1-800 number and the contact information for the department you plan to apply.

3.  The Web address of the school

4.  The email address of the school

5.  The deadline date for admissions application

6.  The deadline date for scholarship application.  Is a separate application necessary?  Are separate slides/images and/or essay required?

7.  How many images are needed for application/scholarship portfolio?

8.  Information needed with images and in what form (a simple list?).

9.  How many letters of recommendation and from whom?

10. School tuition for a full time undergraduate day student

11. Approximate cost of room, board, transportation etc.

12. Is a personal interview necessary? Deadline? Is the interview waved for distance?

13. Application Fee amount.

14. Financial Aid form deadline.

Noah Pfarr, class of 2001, (Presidential Scholarship to Maryland Institute College of Art) 

Bob Fisher, Moeller, Class of 1986, with his full length life size self-portrait.  Attended College for Creative Studies, Atlanta College of Art, Currently a Design Consultant with Design Intelligence. 

The Class of 2013: kneeling: Grant Kraushar (SAIC), Front row standing L-R, Will Kelly (RIT), Kevin Canavan (Bowling Green State U), James Gilliland (Syracuse U), John Ausdenmoore (MICA), Back Row L-R: Leander Edmiston, Andrew Riordan,  Grady Beerck (Lawrence Tec U, Detroit),  Aaron Wheeler (RISD).


The Student Page

This Pages contains images of the high school work of current and former students and information helpful to students interested in entrance and scholarships to schools of Visual Arts, Architecture, and Design. 

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Greg Stanforth

The Art, Architecture & Design College Coach