Lucas Bruggeman, Moeller, Class of 2012, Attending Maryland Institute College of Art MICA

Brian Cobb, Moeller, Class of 2011, Currently attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati  AAC

Aaron Broughton, Moeller, Class of 2012, Attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati on AAC Scholarship.

Brian Cobb, Moeller Class of 2011, Attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati

Joe Trame, Moeller Class of 2011, Portfolio Scholarship to the Art Academy of Cincinnati

Images from various artists to include: Sam Effler 2012, Lucas Bruggeman 2012, Joe Trame 2011, Mike Uckotter 2011. 

Evan Verrilli, Moeller Class of 2014, Design for 3-D Motif/Pattern assignment Art II, sophomore year class.

Nick Faust, Moeller Class of 2008, Attended Cornell University

Aaron Wheeler, Moeller, Class of 2013, Currently attending RISD

11.) Remember, you can always go back and finish it later.

12.) Make it about you, your life, your problems and successes. 

10.) Don't be afraid to try something creative and risky.

9.) Elaborate

8.) Exaggerate 

7.) Use Text/Typography as a visual element

6.) Emphasize the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design 

5.) An average of 40% from observation

4.) Fill the Page - Practice visual organization



3.) Work up all ideas in sketchbook


Sketchbook Requirements and Grading Criteria

In preparing for the rigors of a challenging program of professional study in the visual arts I suggest high school students follow these steps.

2.) Complete at least one page per day


1.) Personalize the front and back covers

Aaron Wheeler, Class of 2013, currently attending the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  Two Examples of Sketchbook preparatory drawing and finished piece. Above: Full Length Life Size Drawing and Below: Depth of Field drawing

The Sketchbook Page

The sketchbook is one of the most important tools in the tool box of any serious Designer, Architect or Artist.  It is akin to the research notebook of a scientist or anyone interested in recording and organizing ideas. The sketchbook shows others your thought process and how your ideas evolve.   

Below are examples from my current and former students, my sketchbook requirements for current students and helpful links.

Greg Stanforth

The Art, Architecture & Design College Coach

 Zack Fagin, Moeller, Class of 2002

Sam Effler, Moeller Class of 2012, Using line to create form and value.

Sam Effler, Moeller Class of 2012, Attending Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

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