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Greg Stanforth           

Art, Architecture & Design College Coach

Guidance for your son or daughter to be properly prepared for and to choose the right college program for their chosen field of the Visual Arts, Architecture & Design.  To get a better Idea of the intentions of this web site read the outcomes below.  The school where I currently teach requires Departmental outcomes.  This is our promise to parents and students that we willingly hold ourselves accountable.  

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Departmental Outcomes

Art/Photo Department


Archbishop Moeller High School (the school where I currently teach) is a college prep school.  the Art/Photo Department likewise is a college prep program.  By the midpoint of their senior year students will have produced a portfolio, in partnership with appropriate success in their other academic endeavors, that will allow them to not only be able to gain entrance to the most challenging professional programs in the visual arts but be competitive for scholarships.  We achieve this goal through the following outcomes.

  1. Drawing: Is the foundation of any program of excellence in the visual arts and design.  All students will graduate with good drawing skills necessary to succeed at the college level.  In most cases they will have developed their drawing skills well beyond their peers from other schools.
  2. Sketchbook:  The most important tool of the visual artist. This is the student's visual diary.  All students will learn to use the sketchbook as a vehicle to daily develop skills and ideas, self-expression, documentation, experimentation, and to establish a foundation for larger and more involved expression. 
  3. The Elements of Art and the Principles of Design:  The alphabet and grammar - the structure of the visual arts.  All students will learn to create and read other works of art based upon these elements and principles.
  4. Verbal Communication:  Students will learn to become conversant about their own and the visual art of others.  They will learn specific language common to the art and design community in order to carry on an intelligent and relevant conversation with an art and design professional.  This will be achieved mainly through critique sessions held at the end of each lesson where students will be required to give thoughtful explanations of their work as well as reactions to the work of others.  Students will not just learn how to make art but will, just as importantly, to understand and be able to explain their work and that of other artists and designers.
  5. Work Ethic:  Students will learn to become a disciplined artist and designer in order to create works of art that clearly reflect their thoughts, feelings and intentions.  The goal of our instruction is that each student will learn to force the viewer to see what the artist wants them to see.  Creating a work of art and design is first and foremost a discipline.  An artist's and designers style is the result of discipline.  We require excellence and mastery.  Assignments are never a request, they are always required.  An unfinished or late assignment is not give credit and must be completed by the end of each grading period to remain in the class.